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    Le parc est ouvert de 10h à 18h*
    *Selon affluence l'ouverture du Parc peut être prolongée. Les caisses ferment 1h avant la fermeture du parc. Suivant conditions climatiques, le Parc Cigoland se réserve le droit de modifier l’ouverture ou la fermeture des attractions ou du parc sans donner droit à réduction ou remboursement.

    Tarifs, horaires, Groupes ...

Our hotel and leisure complex has special packages for groups, travelling for pleasure or business.

Come and appreciate the comfort of our two hotels and try out the many menus, services and activities for your day or days at the heart of Alsace.

Ideally located in central Alsace and very easily accessible (barely two minutes from motorway A35), our hotel complex is less than an hour away from all the cultural centres of Alsace, close to the Vosges mountain range and Germany, at the same time offering a quiet and restful setting.

In the two restaurants of our two hotels, there is a wide variety of boarding menus, local menus to discover the specialities of Alsace and gastronomic menus at group rates. Drinks for an extra charge.