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    Le parc est ouvert de 10h à 18h*
    *Selon affluence l'ouverture du Parc peut être prolongée. Les caisses ferment 1h avant la fermeture du parc. Suivant conditions climatiques, le Parc Cigoland se réserve le droit de modifier l’ouverture ou la fermeture des attractions ou du parc sans donner droit à réduction ou remboursement.

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The wild animals 

  • The only wild population of fallow deer in France can be found in Alsace, in the Illwald forest near Sélestat (some 400 pairs). They are part of the heritage of Alsace. This fairy tale animal likes deciduous forests and coppices, and can also be found in meadows and clearings. If you want to see them in Cigoland, you will need to be patient and stay very quiet, as fallow deer are timid creatures. But the sight will be well worth it!!

  • Peacocks walk about in the park, with their bright plumage. You will probably see some, and with luck, they might show you their magnificence by putting their fine tail on display.

  • Did you know that mummy swan sometimes carries her babies on her back? In Cigoland, you will get a change to discover many aspects of this great white bird, which everyone thinks they know, but still has a few surprises. In May and June, when the cygnets hatch, the families are a sight to be seen!

  • This bird comes from very distant lands, the grasslands and marshes of Africa (South of the Sahara). They nest close to sources of water, and so you will naturally find them near water in Cigoland. As you visit the aviaries or ride a jalopy, you will see some magnificently coloured and majestic specimens. With a bit of luck, you may even hear their cry, which can easily be mistaken for the sound of a trumpet.

  • Mallards, ruddy shelducks, common shelducks, widgeons, red-crested pochards, pintails and marbled ducks are some of the species of duck from different continents that live near the water features and waterfalls in the park. Other wild species also live here, such as barnacle geese, with their black-and-white body and high figure. Wild Egyptian geese (protected species) from faraway lands have chosen to come to Cigoland.