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    Le parc est ouvert de 10h à 18h*
    *Selon affluence l'ouverture du Parc peut être prolongée. Les caisses ferment 1h avant la fermeture du parc. Suivant conditions climatiques, le Parc Cigoland se réserve le droit de modifier l’ouverture ou la fermeture des attractions ou du parc sans donner droit à réduction ou remboursement.

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  • The baskets of Cigopanoramique are ideal for the whole family: they will take you to a height of 12 metres, turning slowly in all directions. From up there, you can see the surrounding park or admire the Alsace plain at leisure. > Duration: 3’30 > Suitable for the whole family

  • Climb on board the train and hold on tight for this thrilling ride. Children and adults, off you go!!! And the more daring could raise their arms! /p> > from 1 m > Duration: 3’00 > Suitable for the whole family

  • While the music box plays, get on to a horse, an aeroplane, a donkey, other animals or vehicles and even a stork. Round and round you go. > Duration : 3’00 > Suitable for the whole family

  • Climb into the arms of King Kong, who will lift you high above the trees. Enjoy a very fine view of the park! > Duration: 3’00 > Suitable for the whole family  

  • Small children just love it! Go with them on that wild ride, sometimes galloping, sometimes trotting. (No accompaniment required for children above six) > Duration: 30 > Suitable for younger children

  • Off go the ducks: get onto the backs of giant mallards and float on water! > Duration: 3’00 > Suitable for younger children

  • Dodge 'em! Dodge 'em! You will steer a large ring in a 170 square metre tank, and try to bump the others. Splash and laugh as much as you can! > Duration: 3’00 > Suitable for the whole family

  • Indian canoes will take your children into the large tepee. Let them paddle and experience the adventure of the raging rivers of the Wild West ;-) > Duration: 3’00 > Suitable for younger children

  • Ready to go? Carried in giant nests, you will discover the Park and its amenities and, above all, discover the world of the white storks of Alsace. As you listen to an Alsatian fairy tale, you will fly over their nests and discover their habitat. In May and June, you can observe the first broods of the year. > Duration: 12’00 > Suitable for the whole family

  • The old jalopy circuit is a great classic that is always popular with youngsters. With the children at the wheel, you on the back seat, drive up to the old mine ... > Duration: 4’30 > Suitable for the whole family  

  • The little train will leave in 3 minutes! It will take you on a tour of the park with commentary, or just to the next station. > Duration: 9’00 > Suitable for the whole family.

  • In a Formula 1 car or a 4WD on a miniature circuit, your children will become Little Champions! > Extra charge applicable > Duration: > For children aged 4 to 10

  • A treasure hunt to learn more about white storks as you have fun in the park. > For children aged 5 to 12

  • A shady play area with slides and walkways right next to a terrace and the Noody Snack self-service bar! You can take a break while the children have fun! > For children aged 4 to 15

  • Youngsters will enjoy jumping into the coloured balls! Two ball pits await them, one in Cigoplage and the other in the Play Plain. > For children aged from 2 under parents' supervision