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White storks are the emblems of Alsace, and are special guests at Cigoland park. The individuals you see roaming freely have decided to live here because they like it so much. The Park is home to over 120 white storks. These magnificent birds with their white bodies, black wings and red beaks were on the verge of disappearing from our skies. They were still very numerous in 1947 (approximately 180 pairs), but populations gradually declined, mainly because of the degradation and drying up of the habitat, till there were only 9 pairs in 1974.

Founded in 1974, Cigoland park was principally a leisure park for families, but it soon became aware of the need for stork conservation. Breeding aviaries were put in place along with many nests, in order to create new homes for migrating storks. Today, white storks have been saved, but the park continues to be one of their preferred breeding grounds.

White storks are the stars of Cigoland!